Term Limits

It is absolutely no surprise to anyone that average Americans are up in arms over corrupt politicians spending decades in Washington. The founding fathers never envisioned our great nation being at the helms of politicians who have learned to game the system after years spent in Washington.

George Washington self imposed a two term limit on his presidency and so did many others who followed after him. In fact, George Washington never even wanted to have a second term, but at the time, many were afraid that without him, the union would dissolve. President Washington had a very close relationship with Elizabeth Willing Powel, the daughter of  Charles Willing, a 2 term Mayor of Philadelphia prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  George Washington would constantly seek advice from Mrs Powel in regards to everything from governance to his own personal life.  Mrs Powel is credited for single handedly convincing him to seek a second term in office because she believed the union would not survive without his strong leadership.

Today, in Washington, it’s very common to see people spend decades, even a lifetime working in government. Overtime I believe they learn to game the system and use it to enrich themselves or their donors to the detriment of our country. We can not entrust any incumbent to take on the task of firing themselves after they have served their terms in office.

If elected to congress I will make it my absolute goal to remove our great nation from the grips of corrupt politicians who spend their entire career in Washington. We can not allow this to continue!



As a resident of California, we are one of the few donor states. This means we contribute more in taxes to the federal government than our state sees in return on top of being the highest tax state in the Union. As your congressman, I will work to help California residents keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible and that’s the bottom line.

Small business employs a little more than 52% of the workforce. The federal government defines a small business as 200 or less employees, but 95% of small business operate with 20 or less employees. This means half of the workforce in America works for a company run by someone who is more than likely your neighbor, or even yourself. There are roughly 28 million small business in the United States. Although most of them don’t have any employees about 2 million of them have 1 or more. If we create tax breaks aimed at small business to incentivise them to just hire at least 1 employee we could add 2 million NET jobs to the economy.

There is a movement in this country to increase the minimum wage to $15/hr. I understand that higher wages are better for everybody but the unintended consequence is that often lower skilled workers are priced out of the market, or small business are forced to let go of an extra employee.  We don’t have to force every small business to pay $15 dollars an hour to incentivise them to pay $15 an hour. The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr. We can provide an additional tax credit for small business for every dollar over the federal minimum they pay their employees up to $15/hr. If a company pays their employees $14.50 per hour they will get to write off that cost but then add the difference of that to the federal minimum. In this case the small business would receive $7.25 on top of the $14.50 for a total of $21.75 per hour of wage. This way we dont price out the low skilled workers from the market while simultaneously incentivizing small business to pay $15/hr.

It is very clear to me that the only way to get Americans back to work in large numbers in good paying positions is tax breaks for your everyday average American citizen, to either; add jobs to their existing small business, or incentivize them to start a small business of their own.


I am lucky enough to be the husband to one of this great nation’s millions of amazing teachers. My astounding wife Stephanie has been teaching for 11 years. Her father was a teacher in LBUSD for over 40 years and many of us know him first hand and affectionately as Coach Shawver.

Unfortunately, today in America we are faced with plummeting test scores. Our international ranking amongst education has dropped since the early 80’s. We pay more than most developed nations per student, but we get lower results. At the same time, we push kids into furthering their education by taking on massive debt only to graduate with a degree that doesn’t have a career.

At an early age my mother knew my brother and I were not going to be doctors. It was somewhere between taking the training wheels off my bike myself and my older brother teaching me to ride it without her help, or taking apart our many different VCR’s to remove a jammed tape. When we started getting them put back together where they would still work she realized our minds may not work the same way as an Ivy League graduate.

When I was in 7th grade at Marshall Middle School, Mr. Scarrow was my woodshop teacher. It was the first time I could use heavy machinery. I will never forget that when I completed my first class project, a catapult, I knew instantly what I wanted to do in life; I was going to be a builder. Currently most districts don’t have trades in schools.  Our education system solely prepares kids for the college entrance exam completely dismissing those that will never benefit from it.

I believe we need to bring Art and Trades back to school and treat them just as we would any other subject. Once in high school the children that accell can forgo unnecessary college prep classes for more advanced trade classes to prepare them for an apprenticeship after high school. We need to teach kids not only the importance of higher education, but also the importance of skilled trades and creating.

We also need to give teachers who are on the front lines of creating an educated populace the tools they so desperately need to be an effective teacher. My wife receives $200 from the school district to stock her classroom with supplies for the entire school year. This isn’t 1/10 of what she needs or supplies herself throughout the year. I compare it to being given a hammer and a Philips head screw driver then being told to build a house in a school year.

As your congressman, and as a parent, I will work to ensure that our children and our teachers are given the proper tools to succeed in life to help build a stronger California and America.


Growing up my entire life in the City of Long Beach, there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is pollution is a problem that needs to be addressed effectively. After the rain, you can see clear to downtown Los Angeles from the top of Signal Hill. Go back a week later and it will be nothing but a brown haze. 

One of my favorite Republicans was Teddy Roosevelt. As a kid history was one of my favorite subjects. Learning about the Ruff Ryders, his time as an explorer, and the president who took a bullet but still finished his speech was almost legend.  It wasn’t though it was all true. Not only was he probably one of our toughest presidents ever he was also our most environmentalist,  even to this day. He once wrote: “We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields and obstructing navigation.” 

 Growing up my Grandmother lived in Florida and my older brother and I would spend summers with her and my other grandparents when we were growing up. My grandmother care deeply about the manatees and it seemed they were always the topic of conversation whenever we were near a body of water because they were endangered. To me as a young man it always seemed as though the entire community was behind every effort made to preserve their existence. BIg groups of people would always gather around anytime one showed up in the canal by her house. In 2017 with all of the efforts of the federal government as well as the people of Florida the Manatees were taken off the endangered species list. We have done this same thing for the American alligator, the grizzly bear, the island fox and the wood stork.

As a kid there was never a question whether we had the moral obligation to preserve our natural environment and there shouldn’t be today. Pollution is a multivariate issue and to focus solely on one variable does not give justice to the obligation that we all have of leaving this place better than it was when we found it. I was only in the boy scouts for a short time as a kid but we went on a camping trip with our troop once and we learned “Leave No Trace”. It was a principle that you have a duty to never leave any site of your existence when on a camping trip. One messy campfire may be nothing but a thousand messy campfires is a huge problem.

As your congressman I will always work for bills the promote the “Leave No Trace” principle approach when it comes to our environment.  I believe, as I always have growing up with the Florida Manatee, to boy scouts as a kid, that it is our moral obligation to protect our planet and leave it better than it was when we found it