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Endorsement Updates!

I am proud to announce my latest endorsements from the the REPUBLICAN PARTY

Delegates and Board Members voted unanimously to endorse Clifford over his Republican opponent who does not live in the 47th at both general session on back to back weekends.
“I had two great weekend meetings with the committed conservatives of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County and the conscience of the Republican Party the CRA,” said David Clifford. “I’m honored to receive their endorsement.” “I will bring their local voices to Washington and I will protect the future of our children and improve the quality of life for all Americans.”
Chairman Richard Sherman says “The Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) is a volunteer organization, made up of engaged community members who care about bringing common-sense policies back to all levels of government, from Washington D.C. and Sacramento, to your local City Hall.”

David Clifford for Congress – Education (Video)

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Does everyone need to go to college? I don’t think so.

Today in the United States we are facing the largest shortage of workers ever in history. I believe this is due to decades of pushing kids from high-school into college under the belief that everyone must attend college to land a good job.

While, I agree that higher learning is great, it’s not the only way to continue your education after high school. My birthday is in June and when I graduated I immediately went in to construction as an apprentice. My 18th birthday was on a Thursday and by the following Monday I had a job lined up doing carpentry. My experience growing up and taking apart everything I could get my hands on to understand how it worked set the stage for my career. In today’s curriculum we prepare kids for one thing and that is to take the college entrance exam. How exactly did that help me in my career choice? With the exception of Math and Science I don’t believe it did anything to prepare me for work.

There are millions of kids who graduate each year that are just like me. They are the future mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, master chefs, hairstylist, clothing designers and who knows a couple of them might even be crazy enough to run for congress. These are the kids who may have a difficult time sitting in a classroom with their minds constantly racing, but they have ideas! We need to spend as much time and resources nurturing these kids skills just like we do our future doctors and lawyers.

In other European nations they have not dismissed these valuable skill sets. In some countries kids are only required to attend school until 9th grade. Once completed they’re given the option to either continue their college prep courses or go into classes for vocational training. That in turn gives the kids that our education system has entirely forgotten about an opportunity to be successful without creating mountains of debt.

For the most part the opposition to bringing these types of programs into American schools see it as unacceptable to divide high school kids into groups of “winners and losers”. This mentality is exactly the problem. Going into college isn’t winning or losing and it’s the same for trade schools. I have never stepped one foot in college. I am married with two boys, I own my own business and my home that my wife and I purchased when we were in our late 20’s. How is that losing? The idea that people who are builders are somehow losing the lottery of life and that needs to end. Some of the greatest men and women that I know, who are the hardest workers I have ever met never stepped one foot in college. My mother who spent over 20 years at General Mills and worked her way up to being the regional manager was the only employee in a management position who never stepped one foot in college.

I don’t want to take away from the importance of higher education. It is only my intention to add to the credence of skilled trades being the backbone to every great nation. A doctor can’t heal patients without a hospital to work in. A lawyer and a judge can’t separate the innocent from the guilty without a courtroom. The millions of amazing teachers in our great nation can not educate our youth without a classroom and you can not have any of these things without skilled trades.

If given the opportunity to go to Washington, I will make it my absolute goal to bring trades back to the forefront of education in the United States.

-David Clifford –

We Would Like To Wish You A Happy and Healthy New Year.

2017 was one for the books!

I have a steep hill to climb for 2018, but I am up for the task. This year, I will take on one of the most important missions of my life.

We will need as many volunteers as we can get. If you have time, any free time, even just a half a day available, and are willing to donate it to the campaign – I will be forever grateful. We don’t have super-pacs or multinational corporations funding our campaign. We don’t have labor unions pumping thousands of dollars in to us. We only have ourselves, and you, the volunteers.

We have the opportunity to transform the landscape of politics in America today. We need to reach across the aisle to start working with each other, instead finding reasons to work against each other.  When we focus on our individual party over people, politics becomes a win or lose situation, which in turn feels like Americans against Americans. In 2018 and beyond we have to work for policies that compromise our own positions to help UNITE our Country.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”              -Abraham Lincoln

We cannot continue the path we are on. We must work to unite our great nation and move forward in a manner that works for everyone. We must get passed the winners and losers of politics and create policies that make everyone a winner. The divisiveness must end.

Today, is not only a new day, it’s a new year. If you are ready to create a new landscape to the political spectrum, please consider joining our campaign.

I hope you have an amazing and prosperous New Year!

-David Clifford

U.S. Congressional Candidate – 47th District, California

How come Americans can’t buy prescriptions approved by Health Canada?

Health Canada is the Canadian version of the Food and Drug Administration here in the U.S. They have a process like the FDA in approving generics that is virtually identical. Still, with the same protections in place it is completely illegal to buy prescriptions from Canada. Under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987, it is illegal for anyone other than the original manufacturer to bring prescription drugs into the country. Although this law was passed, officials employ “enforcement discretion” which ultimately means if your purchase is reasonable it will be allowed but for how long?

While for the most part it is relatively easy to buy prescriptions online it still can be incredibly dangerous. In 2011 the NABP released a report that reviewed 8300 e-pharmacies and determined that only 3% were not “rogue” operations. Most of them marketed their pharmacy as only selling Canadian pharmaceuticals although it had been determined they were in all reality selling drugs from all over the world including counterfeits.

Prohibition in all forms whether it’s alcohol, illicit drugs or even pharmaceuticals creates black markets and unregulated dangerous products. Much of which are funding organized crime and possibly terrorist organizations who wish to cause harm to Americans. The pitfalls of the American pharmaceutical industry are not capitalism in any form. It is in fact anti-capitalism. Wielding capital to influence government policy to effectively create monopolies is not capitalism. Its high time the American people stood up and demanded a freer market healthcare system that organically drives down the cost for prescriptions by widening the supply chain.

We must ask ourselves are the drugs in Canada not safe? Is Health Canada not doing an excellent job? When the FDA says it must approve a product that has already been approved by Health Canada this is what they are telling us. I would have to disagree.

David Michael Clifford

Candidate for U.S. Congress – California – 47th District


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A win for the American people and government transparency!

The department of Justice will begin their audit in 16 days. It’s shocking to know this will be the first time this has ever happened in the department’s history.

There have been reports in as recent years as 2015 documenting waste to the extent of 125 billion. The first bullet point of the agency’s report surprisingly states, *“We are spending a LOT MORE money than we thought”. The audits will begin in 2018 and will be due on November 15th and will continue annually.

If elected, as your congressman, I will make transparency my number one goal. I will work hard to decipher all legislation and bring detailed explanations to cut through the deception of government. I want us all to have the confidence that we know exactly what we are talking about and how it will specifically affect us.


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David Clifford for Congress in the 47th District

Hello, my name is David Clifford and I’m running for Congress in the 47th district. I am a 34 year old husband, father and business owner with strong ties to the community.  I have been married to the most amazing woman, Stephanie for the past 8 years.  We have two boys’ age 7 and 5.  Both Stephanie and I were raised from Kindergarten through High School in the 47th District.  Our 2 boys and all 6 of our nieces and nephews attend school in the 47th District.  


In 2008 at the age of 25, I started my own business.  I am a State Licensed Contractor and Business owner.  My business started just as the recession hit, and for a young man this was a blessing in disguise.  In order to succeed I had to become mindful of Politics and our Economy.  Since that time, I have notice that something in Washington just doesn’t add up.  


Stephanie and I are constantly aware of the fact that our parents and most people of their generation all through this great nation are worried about the safety nets they paid into.  Their generation and generations before them, of good hardworking Americans are struggling with the fear that these safety nets are not going to be enough, or even worse won’t be there at all.   Those of us of my generation and younger, have our fears too.  We feel disenfranchised, as though we don’t have the same opportunities that our parent and grandparents had.  To some degree, this is true.  


Housing prices have skyrocketed, and job prospects are few and far between.  In addition to diminished job opportunities we have lost our spirit of Entrepreneurialism.  The politicians in Sacramento and Washington have made it so difficult to start a business; most people with great ideas give up without even trying to make their dreams come true.  We have lost that rich unstoppable American Spirit of entrepreneurialism that was once woven into the very fabric of the American Dream.  ENTREPRENEURIALISM is what is missing in America today.  Too many jobs are lost before they are even created due to bureaucracy.  How many jobs do we have to lose before we make changes that revive the American Dream?


Only 17% of the American workforce is employed by the fortune 500.   A little over 50% of the workforce in America works for a small business.  A small business is defined as 200 or fewer employees but 95% of small businesses have 10 or less employees. Who owns a business with 10 or less employees? That is you, me and your neighbor down the street. We are the job creators and the politicians in Washington need to start recognizing and acting like it.


If given the opportunity to go to Washington, I promise to fight to help secure and bridge any gap in the security nets our parents and grandparents paid into.  They laid the foundation for this great country that we are all blessed to be citizens of and they deserve to feel secure in the programs they paid into.  I also will fight so that my generation can have the confidence of knowing that we have just as many opportunities, as those who came before us, and so that we will are then able to pass the same onto our children and grandchildren.


I will be very proud if this great community I was raised in gives me their endorsement and votes, so that I can go and fight for ALL of us.  We need a new day in Washington.  We can no longer keep sending the same people that created the problems back to fix them.  We need new minds with current ideas and innovated ways of thinking to fix Washington.  




  • We need to make it simpler for our everyday citizens to open businesses.  If only one job is created, it is one more for our economy.    




  • We need to simplify the tax code. There is no reason your everyday citizen should have to pay a private company to decipher the tax code just so they can file their taxes.




  • We need to strengthen our education system. Since the early 1980’s we have declined internationally in our ranking in education and that is just not acceptable. We need to bring back trades to schools. My mother knew at an early age I wasn’t going to be a doctor.   It must have been sometime between my taking  training wheels off of my bike and my older brother teaching me to ride it, or maybe it was the dismantling and reassembling our VCR’s (Some went back together, and some didn’t) that made her figure it out.  My point is, not everyone needs 4 years of college.   Some people just need some tools in their hand and a good trade.  




  • We need to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. The unfortunate reality of our recovery since 2008 is that although people are going back to work they are not being paid what they use to. We need to give the real job creators in this country, the everyday citizen with great ideas, the resources they need to create jobs. The only way that we will strengthen Social Security and Medicare is by getting Americans back to work, without raising taxes.   



It does not matter what direction we want the country to go, it will not survive without first strengthening the heavily flawed aspects of our country.


My name is David Clifford and I’m running for congress in the 47th District.  I would be absolutely honored to have your vote and your endorsement.