We Would Like To Wish You A Happy and Healthy New Year.

2017 was one for the books!

I have a steep hill to climb for 2018, but I am up for the task. This year, I will take on one of the most important missions of my life.

We will need as many volunteers as we can get. If you have time, any free time, even just a half a day available, and are willing to donate it to the campaign – I will be forever grateful. We don’t have super-pacs or multinational corporations funding our campaign. We don’t have labor unions pumping thousands of dollars in to us. We only have ourselves, and you, the volunteers.

We have the opportunity to transform the landscape of politics in America today. We need to reach across the aisle to start working with each other, instead finding reasons to work against each other.  When we focus on our individual party over people, politics becomes a win or lose situation, which in turn feels like Americans against Americans. In 2018 and beyond we have to work for policies that compromise our own positions to help UNITE our Country.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”              -Abraham Lincoln

We cannot continue the path we are on. We must work to unite our great nation and move forward in a manner that works for everyone. We must get passed the winners and losers of politics and create policies that make everyone a winner. The divisiveness must end.

Today, is not only a new day, it’s a new year. If you are ready to create a new landscape to the political spectrum, please consider joining our campaign.

I hope you have an amazing and prosperous New Year!

-David Clifford

U.S. Congressional Candidate – 47th District, California