How come Americans can’t buy prescriptions approved by Health Canada?

Health Canada is the Canadian version of the Food and Drug Administration here in the U.S. They have a process like the FDA in approving generics that is virtually identical. Still, with the same protections in place it is completely illegal to buy prescriptions from Canada. Under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987, it is illegal for anyone other than the original manufacturer to bring prescription drugs into the country. Although this law was passed, officials employ “enforcement discretion” which ultimately means if your purchase is reasonable it will be allowed but for how long?

While for the most part it is relatively easy to buy prescriptions online it still can be incredibly dangerous. In 2011 the NABP released a report that reviewed 8300 e-pharmacies and determined that only 3% were not “rogue” operations. Most of them marketed their pharmacy as only selling Canadian pharmaceuticals although it had been determined they were in all reality selling drugs from all over the world including counterfeits.

Prohibition in all forms whether it’s alcohol, illicit drugs or even pharmaceuticals creates black markets and unregulated dangerous products. Much of which are funding organized crime and possibly terrorist organizations who wish to cause harm to Americans. The pitfalls of the American pharmaceutical industry are not capitalism in any form. It is in fact anti-capitalism. Wielding capital to influence government policy to effectively create monopolies is not capitalism. Its high time the American people stood up and demanded a freer market healthcare system that organically drives down the cost for prescriptions by widening the supply chain.

We must ask ourselves are the drugs in Canada not safe? Is Health Canada not doing an excellent job? When the FDA says it must approve a product that has already been approved by Health Canada this is what they are telling us. I would have to disagree.

David Michael Clifford

Candidate for U.S. Congress – California – 47th District


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