David Clifford for Congress in the 47th District

Hello, my name is David Clifford and I’m running for Congress in the 47th district. I am a 34 year old husband, father and business owner with strong ties to the community.  I have been married to the most amazing woman, Stephanie for the past 8 years.  We have two boys’ age 7 and 5.  Both Stephanie and I were raised from Kindergarten through High School in the 47th District.  Our 2 boys and all 6 of our nieces and nephews attend school in the 47th District.  


In 2008 at the age of 25, I started my own business.  I am a State Licensed Contractor and Business owner.  My business started just as the recession hit, and for a young man this was a blessing in disguise.  In order to succeed I had to become mindful of Politics and our Economy.  Since that time, I have notice that something in Washington just doesn’t add up.  


Stephanie and I are constantly aware of the fact that our parents and most people of their generation all through this great nation are worried about the safety nets they paid into.  Their generation and generations before them, of good hardworking Americans are struggling with the fear that these safety nets are not going to be enough, or even worse won’t be there at all.   Those of us of my generation and younger, have our fears too.  We feel disenfranchised, as though we don’t have the same opportunities that our parent and grandparents had.  To some degree, this is true.  


Housing prices have skyrocketed, and job prospects are few and far between.  In addition to diminished job opportunities we have lost our spirit of Entrepreneurialism.  The politicians in Sacramento and Washington have made it so difficult to start a business; most people with great ideas give up without even trying to make their dreams come true.  We have lost that rich unstoppable American Spirit of entrepreneurialism that was once woven into the very fabric of the American Dream.  ENTREPRENEURIALISM is what is missing in America today.  Too many jobs are lost before they are even created due to bureaucracy.  How many jobs do we have to lose before we make changes that revive the American Dream?


Only 17% of the American workforce is employed by the fortune 500.   A little over 50% of the workforce in America works for a small business.  A small business is defined as 200 or fewer employees but 95% of small businesses have 10 or less employees. Who owns a business with 10 or less employees? That is you, me and your neighbor down the street. We are the job creators and the politicians in Washington need to start recognizing and acting like it.


If given the opportunity to go to Washington, I promise to fight to help secure and bridge any gap in the security nets our parents and grandparents paid into.  They laid the foundation for this great country that we are all blessed to be citizens of and they deserve to feel secure in the programs they paid into.  I also will fight so that my generation can have the confidence of knowing that we have just as many opportunities, as those who came before us, and so that we will are then able to pass the same onto our children and grandchildren.


I will be very proud if this great community I was raised in gives me their endorsement and votes, so that I can go and fight for ALL of us.  We need a new day in Washington.  We can no longer keep sending the same people that created the problems back to fix them.  We need new minds with current ideas and innovated ways of thinking to fix Washington.  




  • We need to make it simpler for our everyday citizens to open businesses.  If only one job is created, it is one more for our economy.    




  • We need to simplify the tax code. There is no reason your everyday citizen should have to pay a private company to decipher the tax code just so they can file their taxes.




  • We need to strengthen our education system. Since the early 1980’s we have declined internationally in our ranking in education and that is just not acceptable. We need to bring back trades to schools. My mother knew at an early age I wasn’t going to be a doctor.   It must have been sometime between my taking  training wheels off of my bike and my older brother teaching me to ride it, or maybe it was the dismantling and reassembling our VCR’s (Some went back together, and some didn’t) that made her figure it out.  My point is, not everyone needs 4 years of college.   Some people just need some tools in their hand and a good trade.  




  • We need to strengthen Social Security and Medicare. The unfortunate reality of our recovery since 2008 is that although people are going back to work they are not being paid what they use to. We need to give the real job creators in this country, the everyday citizen with great ideas, the resources they need to create jobs. The only way that we will strengthen Social Security and Medicare is by getting Americans back to work, without raising taxes.   



It does not matter what direction we want the country to go, it will not survive without first strengthening the heavily flawed aspects of our country.


My name is David Clifford and I’m running for congress in the 47th District.  I would be absolutely honored to have your vote and your endorsement.

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